How to Listen

They Ain't Your Friends will be your favorite new podcast. In each episode we delve into topics ranging from navigating friendships, the mysteries of romantic relationships, reality television, and our signature discussion of "Who in pop culture needs a friend this week?", where we chat about our fave and problematic celebrities who may need a friend to get them through their recent drama. But, before you can listen to these juicy conversations, first you have to figure out how to listen!

Apple Podcasts app:

All iOS devices have the "purple app" which is the Apple Podcasts app. Open the app on your phone, press the search button (looks like a magnifying glass on the bottom right of the screen). When the search window appears, type in They Ain't Your Friends. Press the title once it locates the “They Ain't Your Friends” podcast and press the Subscribe button to the right of the podcast name to get the episodes automatically appear in your podcasts Listen Now feed.



On an andriod device, you can listen to They Ain't Your Friends on Google Play. Using the Google Play Music app, tap the Menu button on the top left side and select Podcasts. Press the Search button on the top right and enter They Ain't Your Friends. Once our podcast appears on your screen, select Subscribe and Auto-download to receive the latest episodes.


On your desktop:

You can also listen to the podcast using Soundcloud available at on your desktop/laptop. Simply use the search function and type in They Ain't Your Friends. You can also find us at our SoundCloud link directly at

Also available at the iTunes


soundcloud APP:

Souncloud also has an app that you can download from the app store. Tap the search icon on the bottom of the screen and type They Ain't Your Friends in the search bar.