They Ain't Your Friends

The Ladies of TAYF

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The "Sensible" One

Nedra, Co-Host

Thoughtful and easy-going, Nedra easily sees the world in a shade of "gray". But, don't let the sensible tag fool you. She loves to have adventures and can out-laugh anyone in the room.


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The "Nice" one

Andrea, Co-Host

Everyone loves talking to Andrea. She is the friendship and relationship therapist we all need in life. Her warm and nurturing nature which adds the perfect blend to this friendship trio.

Twitter @therealhill13
IG @agrady313

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The 'One You Love or hate"

Toya, Co-Host

Full of personality, charm, and a disarming smile, Toya is the life of the party. She's super passionate about her friendships and can easily piss you off if you can't take her brand of humor.

Twitter & IG @inlovewithmack